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Welcome to the Java Applet Demo section of The Rambling Tutor. You will find the applets that will be presented - usable with SiteBuilder or with another page editor, but instructions are specific to SiteBuilder and Homestead.

These were some of the Java applets that users of Homestead's own boards asked about. Many of the applets are no longer distributed on the web, so files cannot be obtained. Those were removed.

  • Take note of applets that cannot be used with SiteBuilder. This means that you need to use another web page editor other than Sitebuilder in order to use the applet.
  • Also note that all imported files accessed from your Files directory, whether they be the .class, .jar, .au, or image, will have to be referenced with "files/" (without the "") in front of the filename. In some instances, the entire URL for its source must be used.
  • Most important, you must add codebase="files/" within the first line of the applet. The reason why is that all Sitebuilder-made pages are placed in a separate folder from other files in your website's File Manager directory. You'll see in the examples shown.

For your Mozilla Firefox visitors - as long as they have installed the Java plugin and enabled Java, these applets should work in Firefox. This is true of any browser that your visitors may be using.

Image Effects Without Add-on Graphics

Image Effects On User-Supplied Graphics

Other Applets


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