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HTML and WSIWYG Page Editors: Freeware & Shareware >>>

This listing does not imply any endorsement of the products. Prices shown are in $U.S. For Windows systems only.

WSIWYG - Freeware

  • CoolPage - free but donations accepted. This is a drag-and-drop editor like SiteBuilder but better, so claims the makers of CoolPage. After the trial period, the upgrade eliminates the ads.
  • NetObjects Essentials - free, pared-down version of NetObjects Fusion.
  • IMS Web Dwarf  v.2xxx - unlimited trial period; upgrade to paid product, Web Spinner.
  • Nvu 1  - free and not a resource hog, claims users at CNet. Download is from CNet.

WSIWYG - Shareware

  • Adobe Dreamweaver  ($399) - you may be able to find current version or previous versions for less online.
  • Namo WebEditor Professional (Suite) ($99.95) - Download trial through CNet or at Namo's web site. Previous versions can be found for less money by doing a search online.
  • NetObjects Fusion ($199.95)  - Current version is 11. Creates and saves in propriety NOD format, but publishes in web-usable format. If you want to try out a free, pared-down version before buying the full product, try Essentials.
  • SiteSpinner 2.7c  ($49) - 15-day trial period. Download is from CNet or download from Virtual Mechanics directly.
  • Web Page Maker ($49) - 15-day trial period before you buy. Download link is to CNet.

HTML - Freeware

  • Alleycode 2.0  - free and donationware - for new and veteran coders alike, this HTML editor features a tutorial for newcomers but is "fast and accurate" with a "non-bloated infrastructure" for seasoned coders. It handles CSS and PHP using wizards. You can view in real time how your code looks on your page. If you need help there are online tutorials, support form, and a forum.
  • Arachnophilia 5.4 build 2411 - by Arachnoid but download link is at Not for Windows XP or higher.
  • Araneae  - donationware. "A tool that provides only the features necessary to create stunning websites with all the latest web technologies. Araneae will not seize control of your code, leaving its interface astonishingly uncluttered and easy to use." Quoted from the web site. Text editor is free for non-commercial use, but donationware for other users.
  • Wolf Web Editor Pro 3.03  - For webmasters who already know some HTML. Includes a preview pane so you can see your pages. For up to XP/NT. Download is from CNet.

HTML - Shareware

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